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Classroom Tech Tools
Programming services for educational institutions

Open SOuRCE, Integrations, Change Management

Software Engineering for Schools

A technologist who speaks your language.


Software consultations for educational institutions.

As an international teacher spanning decades, and an experienced software integration expert, I am available to assist you in unlocking the complexities of software for workflows, automations, and other services.

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Lines of code written

There is a difference between knowing about tech and knowing how software actually works. As an active Open Source programmer, I have created tools that assist with data handling, workflow scheduling, database integrations, and traffic routing.



Years as an international teacher

I speak your language, and I also speak software. Explain to me what you need in your terms, and I'll help you "translate" it into a sustainable model that will allow your school's software to speak to each other on time and with the workflows you wish to establish. So you can focus on your mission.



Familiarity with Major systems

Among the systems I have experience integrating are:

  • PowerSchool
  • G Suite
  • Moodle
  • ManageBac
  • OpenApply
  • Destiny
  • Postfix
  • Active Directory
  • … and counting