Classroom Tech Tools
Classroom Tech Tools
Programming services for educational institutions

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Classroom Tech Tools: Programming services for educational institutions.


Code is powerful

Finding yourself having to enter and re-enter student data over and over again? Is your IT Department swamped with basic data requests?

See how we've helped other schools automate their systems.

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Lines of code written

Programs and other scripts have been written in languages such as Python and JavaScript. We also do server admin for self-hosting solutions, such as reverse proxies and even email servers.



Years as an international teacher

We know schools. We know how they actually work and we speak your language. It is an inspiration for us to know that our code helps teachers and administrators become more productive. To make previously tedious tasks easy. So you can focus on your mission.



Familiarity with Major systems

Among the systems we have experience integrating are:

  • PowerSchool
  • G Suite
  • Moodle
  • ManageBac
  • OpenApply
  • Destiny
  • Postfix
  • Active Directory
  • … and counting