About Classroom Tech Tools

Education is timeless, but technology is always changing. The mission is to marry the two sustainably.


Classroom Tech Tools was established when — after ten years of teaching — I began a voyage of discovery of the unique challenges that a school can sometimes endure, integrating technology in classrooms and beyond. Much of the pressure is on the on-site technology departments to provide solutions to sometimes vexing issues. Not all schools can afford to have technologists with advanced understandings of every aspect of networking, servers, APIs, and all the other buzz words.

As an experienced specialist in “software engineering” — the conception, design, onboarding, and iteration of software solutions — and an experienced educator, I founded this company with the vision of making stuff work with fewer clicks. So teachers can teach. So administrators can focus on the school mission.

Perhaps it’s consultations on retainer, or perhaps even a bespoke system. Perhaps you need proprietary packages integrated so that they talk to each other. Or perhaps assist with building a better help desk workflow. Or something else not listed here. Every school has its own strategic viewpoint on technology; let me help you pinpoint it.