Import My Timetable into Google Calendar

I created this handy tool when my school moved to a 7-day rotating timetable. I wanted to figure out an easy way for my colleagues to bring their timetable info into the Google Calendar.

Here are the problems I was trying to solve:

• How to use Google Sheets to make a csv that Google Calendar can use to import events

• How to populate the above events that occur on a semi-regular pattern. Regular patterns (every 5 days) are easy and can be done through the user interface ... but what if you have a 7-day rotating schedule? What about inputting holidays that skip those days?

• How to get teachers to input their timetable info once into the above sheet, and have it work seamlessly.

Here is the homebase for it, updates will occur there:

Yet another Classroom Tech Tools contribution to Open Source!

Adam Morris Comment
Why do we release as Open Source?

We are committed to contributing back to Open Source for all of our projects. Hiring us will get a job done, and it also makes the internet a friendlier place.

We do this because we believe that Open Source is the only truly sustainable model for educational institutions. It is not the only functional model, and we work in partnership with software companies as well — in particular on integrations. But the difference between sustainable and functional is vastly different.

In other words, when we are hired to provide solutions, we publish our work in a transparent way, so that other geeks and tinkerers can learn something.

Adam Morris