Import My Timetable into Google Calendar

I created this handy tool when my school moved to a 7-day rotating timetable. I wanted to figure out an easy way for my colleagues to bring their timetable info into the Google Calendar.

Here are the problems I was trying to solve:

• How to use Google Sheets to make a csv that Google Calendar can use to import events

• How to populate the above events that occur on a semi-regular pattern. Regular patterns (every 5 days) are easy and can be done through the user interface ... but what if you have a 7-day rotating schedule? What about inputting holidays that skip those days?

• How to get teachers to input their timetable info once into the above sheet, and have it work seamlessly.

Here is the homebase for it, updates will occur there:

Yet another Classroom Tech Tools contribution to Open Source!

Adam Morris1 Comment