Change Management

Schools often have a multi-faceted connection to technology, which includes a culture that has to cope with constant changes occurring in the underlying implementation details. You want information to be at everyone's fingertips — and you want learning to be seamless — but you have to create networks and introduce software in a way so that people can understand what is happening, get the necessary Professional Development, and plan ahead accordingly.

The answer is to communicate, communicate, communicate.

By inviting a technology specialist with an appreciation of the impact of school culture — as well as the technical implementation details — you can bridge that gap in an explicit way. Bring your school much closer to understanding what it is doing, how, and why.


Stakeholders, coordinators, educators, directors, liaisons, mentors, counselors.

Schools are much more than just teachers and their administrative colleagues.

Data is created, consumed, produced, published, collected, and orgnanized. Do you need a more comprehensive understanding of how this all happens?


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