Open Source

When I am contracted to you, I am also committed to contributing back to Open Source in a meaningful way. Things that we develop together may be published, solutions might be explained in my blog, or documentation may be established. Others, therefore, can benefit from the work, and perhaps even improve upon it. In this section you'll find a brief list of examples of my Open Source contributions.

IGB International School  uses WordPress for marketing and community building.

IGB International School uses WordPress for marketing and community building.

Website Redevelopment

Using Open Source technology potentially saves thousands of dollars per year. WordPress is a great solution for hosting your public content, and can integrate with your other platforms.

  • Although free, it does require high-skill technical expertise close to you; our consultations can assist greatly with this process

  • Learn about the implications of choosing this piece of software, and how to connect it to your other software platform

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A python framework that allows developers to automate syncing operations between systems.

Syncing operations

Software packages need to talk to each other, and the details to get them to do just that be overwhelming for any IT Department. With this in mind, we have written a Python framework that allows developers to write syncing operations between any two databases (or from a CSV). It is available to anyone as Open Source — but the devil is in the details. We can either train you on this framework, or set you up with it and help maintain it.

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Splash Page

Integration with Google login means that different roles in the organisation are exposed to different areas of the school's intranet.

G Suite

G Suite is extremely powerful software package, but one of its core features — Apps Scripting — takes quite a lot of knowledge and understanding to use effectively. Among the code we have written for this platform includes a "Splash Page" portal that uses a Google Login and displays different buttons depending on their role in the school.


ManageBac Integrations with Google Sheets

ManageBac’s information can be downloaded into a Google Sheet with code that I’ve written for just this purpose. For example, if you want to look at assessment details, or submitted grades, a spreadsheet can be created that holds this information.

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